Fussy eating anxious 4 yr old

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Stephiewoo Thu 11-Jan-18 18:04:39

Fussy eating anxious 4 yr old alert.
I've got two older children so it should come easy to me.
DD won't eat at school at the moment as she finds the hall too noisy ( has hyper sensitive hearing), a pain in the bum eating at home or at her fathers, Rigid in her routines and ways, for example, was sick at daddy's in the bath, now has a breakdown about baths, cannot cope with the wind, having nosebleeds.
She's a clever little one too, very intelligent and has amazing speech and emotional understanding.
I'm also a family support worker and have tried all my own tricks.
Anyone with anything new to offer a stressed out mum?
Thanks in advance 😊

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FurryGiraffe Fri 12-Jan-18 08:47:23

I have no advice but much sympathy. She sounds very like my DS1 who is also 4. Very anxious about things. Eats very little at school- due to large noisy dining hall. Pretty fussy at home with food, and hugely resistant to trying new things, though we've started letting him dish up his own dinner from serving dishes and that's definitely helping (and takes the stress out of meals). He likes routine too. School drop off is very tough (was fine to begin with but now he cries) and he's very afraid of getting things wrong/not being able to do things. Anything new/unfamiliar is a nightmare. I dread it parties because he desperately wants to go but gets so anxious beforehand.

On the plus side he's bright, articulate and very emotionally intelligent. He's the most amazing caring loving big brother to DS2. But he's so anxious. It's very tough to see them struggle so much.

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