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Active toddler twin boys aged 2 - ideas to burn off energy?

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Wordy15 Wed 10-Jan-18 09:39:17

I'm a SAHM to 2.9 year old twin boys. They are full of beans 24/7 and talking lots which is smile
On the 2 full days at home with them, I struggle with keeping them amused. Spending one on one time is hard as when the other is off playing somewhere they'll go and follow.
They are my first and I'm an ex teacher from an all girl family so this is all new territory for me haha.
They do a bit of painting and drawing at nursery 3 mornings a week but show no interest at home.
They are very different personalities but share bags of energy. I try and 'run them off' at some point in the day.
The day seems very long when their attention span is 30 seconds on anything!
Any tips on energetic 2 year old boys? Should I follow their lead rather than trying things I think they ‘should’ be doing?

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Taytotots Sun 14-Jan-18 20:13:47

I have boy girl twins - a bit older than that now. To be honest I used to try and get out of the house for at least half the day, as you say to run them off grin - library, park, even just outside in puddles. My daughter liked drawing but my son refused until about four and a half. At home play doh went down well, we also had a ball tent/tunnel thing that they loved (balls pain to clear up but kept them amused for ages so worth it). We had a tough spot (big cement mixing tray) which I could stick stuff on to play with - one of the biggest hits was coloured aquarium gravel they played with trucks in. You tube has lots of action song things that can be good for burning a bit of energy in desperation - and cosmic kids yoga is good. If all else failed a long bath usually killed a fair bit of time. It does get easier- eventually.....!

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