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8 week old Baby avoids faces

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Dani00 Mon 08-Jan-18 16:59:20

Hello, I posted a while ago about my baby avoiding faces. He is now nearly 8 weeks old and will not look at anyone's face. Even when I know he is not over stimulated , he always purposely turns his head or rolls his eyes the other way. He sometimes will look at me if I'm standing further away , I have had one or 2 half smiles , but I think this may be because of the tone of my voice. He happily will coo , smile and giggle at the ceiling or a light or his play matt. I think his vision is fine as he'll look at objects and tracks well. I mentioned it to the health visitor and GP and they just brushed it off. Did anyone else have babies like this and if so, how did they develop? Thank you!

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