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Is this normal?

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Maidmummy Mon 08-Jan-18 10:03:56

DS turned 1 on NYE and for the last montj me and OH have been trying to encourage him to walk. He walks with furniture and if i stand him in the middle of the room and let him go he will stand there for ages so i know his legs and back is strong enough. But my worry is when he tries to walk, rather than going feet first he throws the whole top half of his body forward and ends up back on the floor on his hands and knees.

Is it normal for him to throw his body and will he eventually stop doing it. Its been a long time since ive had to teach the walking part so im at a loss. Any advice would be fantastic. TIA x

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Vibe2018 Mon 08-Jan-18 13:32:56

I'd say he's not ready to walk just yet but is not far off.

Let him potter about for another few months and he will likely work it out in his own time. There is no need for him to walk now. My 15 month old just started walking.

icantdothis2017 Mon 08-Jan-18 16:16:55

You can't teach walking .
It happens when they are ready

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