Non stop breastfeeding 6wks and counting

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user1489931797 Mon 01-Jan-18 11:50:32


I'm getting desperate I've turned into an all day buffet and has been this way for the whole 6weeks of his life so far.

there's no clear stops/gaps as people mention the every 1.5/2hrs of feeding for 20mins at a time I'm more like from 3am until 1am for 1 to 2hrs at a time with the occasional 5 min nap the only time you would call sleep happening is for an hour or 2 late afternoon sometimes again at 1am and then again at 8am but certainly not for 16 hours a day more like 5hrs a day broken up.

He won't be put down in his Moses basket I've tried elevating it and warming with a hot water bottle the longest he's lasted in it is about an hour and this has decreased to about 2mins before crying and wanting the boob and we start all over again.

He only falls asleep in our arms he put up with the travel seat sometimes and when take him out in carry cot he cries the whole time.

He doesn't have reflux or colic but when he's awake and not on the boob he gets fussy and cries apart from the occasional 5mins on the changing mat where he's momentarily happy to kick his legs and wave his arms.

There's plenty of wet and dirty nappies and have even tried giving a bottle of formula once a day as a top up to try and keep him fuller for longer he finishes 2/3oz in minutes and straight away wants the boob again.

I didn't want to use a dummy but felt it was needed to be introduced to help him comfiest sleep rather than fall asleep on the boob but he doesn't even care for that tried for 2weeks with it with a couple of different ones and longest he sucks on it has been 5mins and the. Just repeatedly spits it out.

I'm exhausted and aside from weekends can't keep up these crazy sleeping shifts with husband when he's at work meaning I'm lucky to get 1hr 2hr max per day of sleep.

I know everyone says it doesn't last but 6weeks in I'm worried he will never sleep nowhere other than arms!


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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Mon 01-Jan-18 17:01:23

You have my complete sympathy as my DS was just the same. As well as warming the Moses basket, have you tried putting a tshirt DH has worn in there? Some people use it as the sheet. You want one he’s worn a while so the Moses basket really smells of him. Swaddling and white noise might help too.

If he cries in his Moses basket, will he settle in a sling? Could your DH take him out for a walk in the sling or a drive in the car so that you can get an hours sleep? One thing that helped us too was stick him in one of those swinging seats, which he loved.

Are you going to any Bfing Support Groups too? Sometimes it’s helpful to just sit and have a brew and some adult company.

Also, have you mastered feeding lying down yet? It might help you to get some rest smile

user1489931797 Mon 01-Jan-18 18:12:27

Hi everyonetalkaboutpopmusic

It certainly helps hearing you experienced the same ,I was beginning to think no one was able to respond to my desperate sounding plea's

Will definitely try DH tee in basket sounds a good idea he doesn't seem to resonate/settle to white noise at all he doesn't care for Ewan the sheep whatsoever.

Funnily enough just this evening put together a swinging seat to try as just initially had a vibrate one and he hated and would just cry.


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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Mon 01-Jan-18 21:02:34

Hope the swinging seat works. My DD hated it but luckily DS loved it.

HappyHippyHippo Wed 03-Jan-18 04:21:34

Have you considered co-sleeping? There are safe co-sleeping guidelines available from unicef.
Dc3 wouldn't settle other than on me at first and with two other children to run round after I didn't have the option of napping in the day.
I slept on a mat on the floor as our bed isn't appropriate. It wasn't great quality sleep due to being curled around baby but being able to doze thru those long feeds was amazing.
I prefer not to cosleep (as i love my bed and snuggling with dp) so I worked at putting dc3 down in the cot at the start of the night. Dc3 is now 9 weeks and will settle in the cost initially now and sleep longer periods, and we've now at 9 weeks even had a few nights of sleeping 8 hours straight in the cot!

My first wouldn't settle or sleep for ages. She was a horrific sleeper until 8 months at least. I regret not cosleeping. Such a waste of 8 precious months feeling exhausted.

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