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need handholding

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tinkertailorsoildersailor Sun 31-Dec-17 19:37:18

My 6 year old ds has acted like a total and utter shit today. It's taken every inch of my will power not to yell at him / whack him. He's just refused my offer to have a NYE disco upstairs with him, in favour of 'daddy' who is deserting us in an hour to go out on a little nye jaunt of his own (i'm the default babysitter so can't go out). This was going to be our special time, a little party of our own, but he has cried and whined he wants daddy, so I've given up and am sipping g&t in front of the telly, wiping my tears. Excuse my langauage but he's been a challenging bastard today and I don't actually like him at the moment.

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Eatalot Sun 31-Dec-17 19:50:42

It sucks when you make an effort to please and kids want opposite parents. But they generally always want them when they are going out. My dd is like this with us both suddenly when getting a rare night out we get guilt tripped and become parent number 1. Tell him fine you will have fun on your own. Put some tunes have a boogie watch him sulk down to join you.

laura6032 Sun 31-Dec-17 22:26:09

Have your disco, as soon as DH goes out he'll be in to party x

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