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Baby's big toes always bent?

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OwlyLady Sat 30-Dec-17 18:57:43


My DS's big toes are always bent back and he doesn't particularly like them being put straight (only tried this a few times as just wondered what they were doing!). I've included a picture of them. Is this normal and they'll eventually straighten out? Rest of family are super freaked out by them 🙈

I should point out he is 6 months, rolling over happily now and just starting to be on the move with crawling.

Tia x

Mosaic123 Wed 03-Jan-18 01:59:12

See the GP for reassurance.

Beccacandy Wed 07-Feb-18 14:22:17


I was just wondering if you found out anything about this. My LO is 8 weeks old and is exactly the same and was a bit concerned about it. Thanks smile

Becky x

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