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Confusion speech development

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billyjean85 Thu 21-Dec-17 21:24:37

Hi all,

my DD is 25 mo, she has about 80 words now and can communicate her needs pretty well. She hit the 50 words mark a long time ago and I thought she was about to have a word explosion but it's not happening. She repeats words often but she's picking new words at a slow pace. I ear a lot of mom talking about how their DC started picking up 2, 3 or more new words a day by that age. She will pick one per week at best.

Second ting is she strings words in a weird way: she can say "bye bye daddy" or "sit down mama", "yogourt please" but most of the time she will use single words or make non sense phrases like: "mama blagaboloblabla story" . I know she's asking for a story but she mixes words with senseless babble a lot and I wonder if that's normal or if she's delayed ? Some kids can have conversations at her age so, I'm worried sad

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BackforGood Thu 21-Dec-17 23:16:14

The Talkingpoint website is really good. This page tells you what they should be doing between 18 and 24months, This one between 2 and 3 years.. Remember your dd is right at the start of that one.
They have a progress checker page and
An Enquiry service where you can e-mail or phone and speak to a Sp& Language Therapist and ask for advice.
It is a charity and offers a free service. smile

cedoren Fri 22-Dec-17 14:44:14

Sounds absolutely fine. Some children are talking fluently by this age, some aren't. Joining words together is great.

HappyHippyHippo Fri 22-Dec-17 21:37:20

Agree with cedoren this sounds normal. Have dc2 the same age whose speech is just like you described. Dc1 was v similar. She is now 5 and very talkative/articulate/literate.

missadasmith Sat 23-Dec-17 16:47:11

If she understands you, can follow instructions and is communicating well, I wouldn't worry at all at this stage.

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