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8 month old, not sleeping 😴 help!

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Anon120055509 Thu 21-Dec-17 08:41:27

recently for about 2 weeks my 8 month old has started to wake up every 2-3 hours of a night. We have a strict bedtime routine which consists of
Bath, massage, story, bottle, bed. He will then sleep from 7:15pm - 1:15am consistently but after hat 1:15 wakeup and feed it’ll be every 2-3 hours but it’s not just waking, he is almost wide awake and wanting to play, which then takes about an hour to get him back to sleep fighting his urge to want to play and roll around 😢

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help?
He is teething with his top two teeth which I am hoping it’s just that, they’re yet to show but you can see they annoy him.
Usually i can cope with basically no sleep or an undisterbed night, he used to go right through or usually with just one wake up but with it now being 2 weeks rolling onto the 3rd with only a few hours sleep a night and working, it’s getting hard and taking its toll on my and my partner. 😔😴

Could it be his routine of a day? Is he not getting enough milk during the day so compensating of a night?

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Anon120055509 Thu 21-Dec-17 08:42:30

Disturbed night**

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Thu 21-Dec-17 20:01:15

If you think it could be teeth, have you tried him with a dose of Ibruprofen?

Is he nearly 9 months? There’s a massive sleep regression at 9 months?

The only thing I can think of is downloading the Wonder Weeks App. That might explain the recent waking [fsmike]

Anon120055509 Thu 21-Dec-17 20:21:42

I think so & I do give him abit of medicine I don’t want to do give him some every night as don’t want to make him addicted or anything along those lines so I do try him with teething powders or gels to help numb his gums.
He’s 9 months in 1 week, do they really! Hopefully it’s just that then.

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onone85 Wed 03-Jan-18 22:36:35

I could have written this post myself. I’m at my wits end with my DS, he’s 9 months in 2 weeks time and has gone from going down in his cot to sleep lovely, to screaming every time he’s put it in it and then waking screaming every 1-1.5 hrs until after midnight. Then wakes every couple.

He’s grumpy through the day. It’s becoming unbearable and taking it’s toll on my partner and I also.

Hope your LO has improved and it is a teething phase.

Hang in there!

Anon120055509 Thu 04-Jan-18 07:49:26

Thankfully his top teeth have finally cut through! And although he’s not going the full 12 hours of a night he will go down willingly at 7-7:30pm and wake up at 3, have a bottle and then stay asleep until 7:30am. It’s slowly getting better.
Now he’s much happier of a day, I’m encouraging him to play with his toys a lot more and he’s now exploring whereas usually he would just rather be with me nonestop and just sit on my lap or have me carry him round.
As much as I hate the saying, it actually does get better, it just takes a lot of patience 😴😴

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PasstheStarmix Thu 04-Jan-18 10:10:45

They go through a sleep regression/growth spurt/developmental leap between 8-10 months. DS has only just emerged from it. Previously sleeping well he was waking up in night and going to bed much later. Literally over night his schedule went back to normal and he slept 8pm-6.45am last night. It does get better!

onone85 Thu 04-Jan-18 10:29:17

Great news, OP. Glad things are settling down. Nothing beats sleep deprivation, I’m ready for running away.

@PasstheStarmix I’ve read about this sleep regression and noticed it on the wonder weeks app also, so that has crossed my mind. It feels like an age. How long did it take your LO to come through it?
Another thing I’ve noticed with mine, which I’ve just wrote a post on, is the increased thirst from him. He his drinking so much more water than he previously did and that does seem to settle him through the night and a bottle at around 3.

PasstheStarmix Thu 04-Jan-18 10:50:37

I would very much guess its that; ds has teething issues but they don't cause all of the behavioural changes the developmental leaps do. DS started his developmental phase at just befor me 9 months and had only just came out of it now at 10 months so he's been abit fussy for over a month. All babies are different though and I've heard of some being affected just a couple of weeks. I've noticed some developments and big changes within that time; ds is talking more and seems to understand a lot more and be more focused.
Yes I would equate the thirst to the wonder weeks as they develop so rapidly and need the extra. DS was having a bottle of milk in the night when he previously never did before. I just went with it, it wasn't habit forming and he's now infact dropped to 2 bottles that he drinks fully. Before he was snacking a lot and having 3-4 and leaving some.

PasstheStarmix Thu 04-Jan-18 10:51:09

before 9 months that should read

PasstheStarmix Thu 04-Jan-18 10:52:40

Actually when I think back it was about 8 and half months when he started changing so possibly a month and a half it lasted. The good news is it's the last developmental leap for ages and the last really noticeable one too!

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