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Baby development milestones - what’s normal?

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Cheeseymondo Wed 13-Dec-17 10:37:54

I’m a first time mum and know that probably some of these questions are worrying about nothing. There is the part of me that thinks babies develop at there own rate, and then you see another baby and as an inexperienced first time Mum, with all the pressure that’s put on you, you panic, why is your baby not doing that. So I’m just interested to hear others experiences to help me keep things in perspective😀
My LO is 5 months this week.
- my LO has always done tummy time since birth no problem, but now he’s at the age he should be doing longer, pushing up by his hands to stretch his arms etc, he hates tummy time, he will only do few minutes and will only rest on his elbows. He’s ok with other forms of tummy time, but on the floor not happy.
- at 4 months he rolled from tummy to back. Did it for a few days and then nothing since.
- last week he rolled from back to tummy, did it lots for a couple of days, now won’t do it.
- gets easily bored with toys, apparently st age should be curious and exploring them. They go in mouth, get shaken a bit, then thrown and not interested.
- used to love his play gym, now will only last few minutes, then gets bored/frustrated.
- prefers you interacting with him. Likes you to sing and act out song and read. Loves the personal interaction rather than interest in toys.
- will pull up to sitting position if you hold his arms, but can’t sit upright on his own. Flings himself back or leans really far forward.
- will now do step motion when you hold him upright under arms. Seems to like this.
- used to love sensory box, now seems uninterested.
- he never used to nap in day, but slept well at night. He now has 3 naps in a day and seems more tired than when he wouldn’t nap.

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Wed 13-Dec-17 17:59:21

All of this seems pretty normal to me. My eldest just rolled the once and then looked st me as if to say “you can tick that one off your list, ok”.

I wouldn’t concentrate too much on what he can’t do, instead think of the things he can. Have you tried him in a jumperoo or door bouncer? Does he like any activities like swimming or music group? And FWIW I think sticking a toy in your mouth then hurling it at the wall does count as being interested, just wait until it’s his dinner! fgrin

Cheeseymondo Wed 13-Dec-17 18:23:25

We have just bought him a jumperoo, going to set it up this weekend. We currently go swimming, he did his first underwater today and didn’t cry once. Oh yes, feeding times will be fun. I’m going to a baby led weaning group in January, apparently it’s grts very mesy😀😀😀

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Wed 13-Dec-17 18:30:17

Yes, we did BLW with DD as she completely refused spoons. The Weaning section on MN is quite useful if you fancy having a nosey fsmile

dragonmummy17 Wed 13-Dec-17 21:17:22

You could be describing my DS 2 months ago especially with the rolling. He's now 7 months and finally started rolling again now he's worked out he can get to another part of the room. He gets quickly bored with toys... a treasure basket keeps him busy though. And he didn't sit til 6 months. He got bored of his play gym so we got a play nest instead. All sounds normal to me... although I am also a ftm!

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