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user1492964816 Sun 10-Dec-17 18:54:57

Hi, sorry if this is longwinded but just wanted some advice, tips, anything to help me!

My little one is 10.5 months- BF until 6 months, FF since then. He was never great with milk, would never seem full, when I expressed he never finished a bottle, he never finished his formula in the early days. HV and I wondered if he had an allergy but we ended up at the scenario that he just isn’t a massive fan of milk! He has 3 bottles now and drinks all of his morning and night bottle (8oz) he has a bottle in the middle of the day but he’s not that bothered by it- tends to have about 3-4 oz. He has 3 meals a day, initially he did really well ate everything, tried everything. Over the last few months it’s been a challenge. He will point blank refuse anything savoury from the spoon and will get upset at meal times. He tends to have finger foods at lunch, toast, tomatoes, peas, avocado, blueberries (sometimes a bit of mashed/puréed veg if he’s not eating much but he will refuse it if not bothered by it ) he’s happy feeding himself most of the time, he’s does seem to change his mind on what he likes and doesn’t like.

Dinner I have been spoon feeding, if out and about a pouch if Home then something I’ve made him- mashed/puréed a little. Dinner is the main issue, sometimes he won’t even entertain the food and ends up just eating toast and about one mouthful of dinner. He’s starting to like holding a spoon and will sometimes let us guide it into his mouth. And it doesn’t necessarily follow on what he’s having as one day he’ll eat chicken and veg and then the same meal the next day he’ll refuse.

However he will never refuse the spoon when I get a yogurt out. It’s the same at nursery the couple of times he’s there, he will sometimes eat the main meal, but will generally always have a bit of pud. He’s a little up and down with his breakfast porridge but generally is ok there.

So is it just that he now knows what he likes and I have a fussy baby when it comes to savoury food and he much prefers sweet, is it normal, does anyone have any tips? I was worried a while back because his milk intake was so poor, now he’s having about 20oz a day I’m not as worried, I’m just worried about when I start taking another bottle away. And it can be quite deflating at meal times. I’m assumin he is getting what he needs as he sleeps through. He’s always been on or above the 25th for weight, he’s started to dip over the last couple of months but the HV said it coincides with him being on the move (crawled from 7 months, walking a couple of steps unaided now- always on the move) I guess as a FTM I’m just panicking hes not gonna gain enough weight or we are going to get into more fussiness and it’s tiring as it is.

In general he’s a happy chatty strong willed little thing. He has had teeth coming through and a cold virus on and off over the last 3/4 weeks so that probably hasn’t helped. I’m sorry this is so long!


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user1492964816 Sun 10-Dec-17 19:11:50

Also sorry just to add- he doesn’t mind feeding himself most things but absolutely goes to town on banana blueberries, satsumas- so again, the sweet stuff!

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sun 10-Dec-17 20:34:54

I wouldn’t be too worried if he’s not eating his savoury at dinner time. I’d just assume he’s not hungry but don’t offer the sweet stuff if he’s refusing, just clear away.

Also, is there a reason he can’t feed himself the evening meal? Just wondering because I had a total spoon refuser but if I put the food on her high chair tray, she would pick it up and eat it.

Could you swap the meals around too so that he has his main meal at lunchtime when he’s not as tired?

20floz of formula is fine at this age but I wouldn’t start dropping the lunchtime bottle until he’s nearer one.

Also, it’s absolutely normal for them to scoff a meal one day and then turn their nose up when you next offer it. Again, just ignore, he’s probably not hungry.

Have you found the MN Weaning section yet? That’s usually pretty helpful smile

user1492964816 Sun 10-Dec-17 22:08:03

Ah thank you smile I’ll have a look at that

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