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6.5 month old refuses to drink milk unless going to bed

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mummysquidge Sat 09-Dec-17 10:51:03

He'll have tiny little sips of water with meals but pulls faces and will only drink about an ounce at most. At the moment he's only on two meals a day but is a bit iffy as to whether he'll actually eat much of those either so he's getting bits of milky food/fruit but not much and not consistently.

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jaimelannistersgoldenhand Sat 09-Dec-17 10:19:55

Does he drink water or milk in his sippy cup with meals? I realise it's probably not 8oz like a bottle.
Does he have milky meals like cereal with milk for breakfast? Juicy fruits? It could be that his thirst is being quenched in other ways.

mummysquidge Sat 09-Dec-17 07:59:12

My 6.5 month old just completely refuses his bottle unless he's going to sleep. He just spits the bottle back out repeatedly. We've tried taking him up to his room and putting his white noise on so it's like he's going to sleep but still doesn't work. He's clearly hungry as he refused some yesterday and 5 minutes later when taken to bed drank 8 ounces. It's not a massive issue at the moment as he's having 3 naps so is getting 4 bottles in the day and will have one in the night but he's starting to seem like he wants to have 2 longer naps rather than 3 shorter ones (he did this yesterday after taking an hour to go to sleep both times...) which will mean him missing out on a bottle. Any ideas??

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