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£50 an hour to potty train

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Movingonuppppp Wed 06-Dec-17 16:52:15

Anyone interested?!

Ps - it’s not me!

Movingonuppppp Wed 06-Dec-17 18:01:16

Oh come on! Thought you’d love this! I know I did!!

Smellyjo Wed 06-Dec-17 21:15:28

OMG!!! Wow. What is there to say about that?! I'd love to be a fly on the wall watching how that potty training works out. There's no way that child is going to be trained by 23rd Dec!! I wonder what the in laws will do? So many questions! Poor child, in seriousness, no pressure eh?

Willow2017 Wed 06-Dec-17 22:04:09

Patents 'dont have time' and apparently neither does house keeper who 'looks after her' (obviously she doesnt as she isnt potty trained)

Poor bloody kid how do they expect 2 hours a day to be of any use? All to impress the in-laws.

Maybe a bit of time and effort from her parents from santa this year?

Smellyjo Fri 08-Dec-17 21:36:47

Because children only shit during 2 hour windows!

It really is quite sad but I guess it's easy to paint a picture from an ad like that. Maybe they are not as bad as they sound. If I lived there I'd love to give it a shot to nosey at the situation (and consider whether a referral to social work was necessary lol).

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