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Advice re managing behaviour

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Monstersaurus Wed 06-Dec-17 14:13:25

I've just had a call from the school as my 5 year old DS bit another child today when he grew frustrated with them. They were standing in the wrong group and DS tried to organise them into the right group. When he wouldn't move DS bit. Apparently he's been trying to act like a bit of a teacher over the course of this term, trying to organise the other children and make sure that they're doing what the should be. This has been to the detriment of his own work. They have put him on a 'positive behaviour chart' to try and get him to focus on not doing this. He's had some anxieties noted too, although not to any one thing in particular. After a long series of dry nights, he's started bed wetting most night.

He has intermittently had problems with biting and some other challenging behaviour since he was about 18m old. His biting settled as his language improved, although there have been some intermittent episodes since. This settled when he left nursery and went to school.

Occasionally he will be upset by loud noises, but not consistently. School are going to offer him ear defenders when this happens in class. He's a bright child, and previously his behaviour has suffered when he gets bored. I don't think he meets criteria for autism or sensory processing disorders. The school are planning some observations by their learning support teacher, but they have been unwell for the past few weeks. They want to meet us in the new year.

I'd be very grateful for any advice on helping him through this. After school today I'm going to sit him down and talk things through with him, and gently try to explore what makes him anxious. We'll reinforce the work school are doing about not trying to take control and organise things.

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