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17.5 month old DD very clingy

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user1469990255 Mon 04-Dec-17 14:50:11

Hi everyone,

Long time since I last posted. I've got a DS who is 4.5 and a dd who is nearly 18 months.

DH works away most of the week, being home usually 2 days, and in the last few months I have noticed DD becoming more and more clingy with me. If I am around she will go hysterical if I try to go upstairs or say I am going to work, but will sometimes happily play if im the same room. When im out (at work or wherever) she is absolutely fine, until I pick her up and the crying and whinging starts. I feel like she saves most of her tantrums for me sad

She has always been a good sleeper, until the last two weeks, where she screams every time I put her down, the last two nights I had to just leave her to cry (only lasted 5 minutes) because every time I went in and left again it made her ten times worse! And god help me if she wakes up in the night! She naps ok, usually a lot better when someone else puts her down for her nap.

Basically I am just wondering if anyone has been through anything like this and is it (PLEASE GOD) just a phase? Anything I can do to help her through it?

She goes to a childminder once a week which she loves and is at her nana's usually 1-2 days a week while I work.

Any tips on how to help her at night? do you think controlled crying is the way to go.

Sorry for such a long thread.

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