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Children telling lies

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shadydelta Sun 03-Dec-17 17:20:51

Hello there im hoping for a little advice or some suggestions on how i can improve this. My children are 10 and 7 and as all kids do have told a little lie here and there but its always been fairly insignificant and we have always been very clear that its not nice to tell lies etc etc and have as far as im aware set a good example. Anyway the past fortnight has been a nightmare with both of them telling absolute whoppers and blatantly denying it to me & their dad until
They finally realise they cant keep the lie going and fess up. I have went from being upset that they could look me in the face and repeatedly lie. To being angry that obviously once wasnt enough. My 7 year old son has been given several time outs at school lately for swearing and misbehaving and saying it wasnt him until the teacher finally asked my hubby in for a chat about it last week. My daughter is 10 i feel with her she is testing boundaries to see what she will & will not get away with. We have banned all the things they like one by one such as tvs in bedrooms computers toys etc we have spoke with teachers. We are at the point of stopping swimming lessons and after school hobbies like football as they love doing these things. We have tried talking about it without getting angry but nothing seems to be helping. I just dont know what to do next. My son thinks its ok because his friends tell fibs swear & misbehave and so it must be normal. Anyone have any helpful insight?

FreshHerbs Sun 03-Dec-17 22:11:33

My son who's five is a massive liar in our household. He will look you in the face, scream at you, stomp his feet and even cry to make you believe that he isn't lying. He will blame his siblings for everything, he will blame me, this that, even the poor cat has taken the blame for things he has so obviously done. He lies over the smallest, pettiest things all day every day.Ironically he is a model pupil at school, the teachers love him, popular member of class and in certain subjects is excelling. At home he is a spoilt little brat.
Sometimes he will tell a lie blatantly to my face and when I tell him to stop lying within seconds he will say something like "haha I pranked you", probably makes him think he's still won in some weird way.

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