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How to get baby to be more comfortable with Dh

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Emberblu Sun 03-Dec-17 11:50:26

My 7 week old and I are just starting to understand one another, breastfeeding is easier as is sleep and settling. He seems to recognise me more and annoyingly is hard for others to settle/cries a lot when held by others. Now to the point:

D.H. was brilliant at settling him the first few weeks of his life and he loves being hands on especially since feeding is mainly up to me. However when ds was 2.5weeks old Dh had to go away for a month as he's in the military. He's just got back and is so excited to see little man again. But now lo cries when being held by him and is hard to settle like with other ppl, even his grandparents who settled him most evenings he started to cry with. He will be giving him a bottle most evenings and I will be covering my ears to let him get on with settling him when possible.

Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to get him happier with dh as I worry he will start feeling rejected and down if he can't help out without a meltdown?

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