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Possible hip dysplasia?

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123naomib Sun 03-Dec-17 08:53:54

Hi all
Just looking for some experiences and maybe even some people that have been through this and it's all turned out OK?

My dd has uneven creases (one on her left leg and two on her right) and I mentioned this to the HV. She said she wasnt concerned as they 'didn't look too asymmetric from the back' but to get her checked at gp anyway. I have made an appointment for weds this coming week.

In the mean time I have started Googling for other symptoms. Since then I've noticed that her right leg is also slightly longer than her left (tested when her knees are bent) and her right knee seems a little higher (although this sometimes seems to be the case and at other times seems to be fine).

I know all these things seem to point to hip dysplasia. I am so worried as she is six months old now and I know the treatment will be harder than if she was diagnosed at a younger age 😔 I also know there are worse things in the world but that doesn't stop me worrying about it non stop, constantly Googling for 'normal' explanations and checking her legs again at every opportunity.

Positives are her hips don't click (that I've ever noticed anyway) and she seems to have the same wide range of movement in both hips. She also sits well in the frog leg position, sometimes with her legs in a V (has been sitting unaided since 5 months), and she weight bears on both legs equally.

Looking for advice/reassurance/stories where symptoms were present but it was nothing? Because at the moment I am really sure she has it 😔 nowhere on the Internet can I find that thread that says 'my lo had all this, was scanned and it was fine...' but maybe that's because that's really unlikely to happen! Tia x

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LieInRequired Wed 06-Dec-17 13:55:30

I hope your GP has done a referral to orthopaedics. My DD had hip dysplasia but she was diagnosed at 4 months and went into a harness until she was 7 months. I do know that there can be a different treatment done at about 9 months. It can involve some surgery and a plaster cast.

When DD was in her harness I was given a great bit of advice by a friend. He pointed out to me that however long DD would spend in a harness, it would actually be a very short proportion of her life. This really put it all into perspective for me.

The friend who said that is permanently in a wheelchair following an accident. DD has some other mobility problems and my friend is always so encouraging to her.

I hope all goes well for your DD.

Amanduh Wed 06-Dec-17 17:38:40

I hope all goes well. Can only speak for the creases, at 6mo my ds had uneven ones and was sent for a scan - nothing. They've evened out now and he walked at 9mo. If she sits and bears weight well they're positive signs. Lots of people have slightly differing leg lengths! Try not to worry - google is not your friend, I know I didn't stop doing it until we had our scan!

123naomib Wed 06-Dec-17 18:07:07

Thank you for your reply. And glad to hear your dd is now well! You are right, it is a very small proportion of their life and it is definitely worth it in the long run.

GP examined her legs and has referred her for an ultrasound. We are also seeing the paediatric consultant at the end of the month (different issue) and my GP told me to mention it there too. She said there is nothing alarming about the way her hips move etc but obviously this isn't the all clear without a scan. I'm hoping the referral goes through quickly.

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123naomib Wed 06-Dec-17 18:08:52

This is really encouraging, Amanduh, thank you. I'm hoping for a similar scenario for my dd. We have been referred for a scan so fingers crossed. Doc also mentioned that leg length can be deceiving depending on how she is laid etc which is a good sign I suppose.

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