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Help me with this behaviour

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MrsSteveMcDonald Fri 01-Dec-17 16:02:43

My 2y8m has been having epic tantrums for the last week. She's screaming at me, pulling my hair, smacking, throwing anything she can get her hands on, pushing chairs over etc. We have never had this kind of behaviour from her before but it has been every day for a week. We are having to pin her down to stop people getting hurt as she goes absolutely nuts flailing around. Any idea what we can do? There has been no change of diet, routine etc to have prompted it so I don't know why she is suddenly kicking off. We were late to school this afternoon to pick up her sister as she had stripped off and refused to get out of bed so I had to manhandle clothes on her and force her into the buggy to get out the door.

Biboundeo Fri 01-Dec-17 23:50:48

My 2y10m old did this.
It got better.
We used gentle technics like:

Helping him recognise his feelings (books about feelings, saying oh you're sad / angry / scared, etc.), most of the time saying "oh you look very angry at me for saying no to this, it's ok, you're allowed to be angry" stops him within 10 seconds.

Helping him find ways of coping with the emotional thunderstorm like stumping his foot, going to his bedroom, crumpling a piece of paper, looking at a glitter wand

Writing the rules and rights and talking about it often.

Recognising when he does great things like sharing, walking calmly, generally being cooperative

Making sure his basic needs are met, i.e. is he tired, hungry, cold, does he need a cuddle, does he need to release some tension (we have tickle party when things start to get heated, it helps), etc.

Giving him a way out when things are getting bad, like a 2 options choice (red hat or blue hat), or saying things like "do you think you can play calmly with your brother or you need to take your game to your room?"

Saying things like hold it, use your words not your hands, your behaviour is not acceptable, etc.

It's just a few exemple to get your thinking going, trying to find why she's acting this way (is anything, even trivial, changing for her?) would help too

minipie Sat 02-Dec-17 00:47:35

My DD is a similar age and was having major tantrums at half term, she had a bug which seems to have been the cause, along with general tiredness. Now mostly back to normal. Since it's had a sudden onset, and given the time of year, myfirst suspicion would be illness or maybe ear infection.

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