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Separation Anxiety

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melclaire1111 Thu 30-Nov-17 07:59:54

Anyone have any tips on dealing with what i think is separation anxiety? DD is 18 months old, has always been a mummy's girl, loves her daddy to pieces wheb I'm not around but as soon I walk into the room ignores him and just wants me and it's starting to drive hubby mad!

Bit of background, she goes to nursery full time, is absolutely fine at drop off, barely notices I'm gone. However at home if i so much ad walk out of a room without she will scream until she is hysterical and I cone back. I try and work round her, e.g. let her come into the kitchen with me but just watch her like a hawk so she doesn't hurt herself, but hubby thinks I need to just leave her and let her scream it out.

This morning we were going out to drop daddy off to get a train so he was putting her in the car. As we walked out the door she realised she couldn't see me and started calling for me, which again got hubby's back up and started moaning about how it's not normal. I understand his frustrations and don't know what to do anymore!

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user1495739076 Thu 30-Nov-17 11:49:17

Maybe having something they do together just the both of them will help with their bonding.
Could he do her nighttime routine or if you are getting her a big toy for Christmas she can just play it with him

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