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26 months old doesn't communicate

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Mashrura Tue 28-Nov-17 03:40:29

I am from Bangladesh. My son is 26 months old and facing difficulties in social communication. He was a full term baby through NVD. Reached all his milestones like sitting, walking etc on time except talking and communication.

At 22 months we became worried as he wasn't interested in talking at all. He didn't respond to his name and let alone following instructions. He is our only child. Maybe because of that we couldn't recognise the problem earlier. We decided to see a ped. Neurologist who prescribed early intervention. However the doctor prescribed the early intervention to be spending quality time with him at home. And did not prescribed any institutional therapy. I went to the public health service for M-chat and obtained a low risk score. I am not really satisfied with the quality of early intervention program I am going through. He is 26 months old now and still have a very selective eye contact and seems like he doesn't understand most of our words. Doesn't call mom or dad. But sometimes when asked "who is this?", says "Amma (mom)" or "abba (dad)". He takes interest in picture books. He can point the animals, fruits and even recites from A to Z, 1 through 20. But all from the memory, nothing from his own communication. He doesn't express his needs in any other way but pulling our hands to something.

I am taking him everywhere I am getting advised to take. Recently I have started to take him to occupational therapist for sensory therapies. But i do not see any progress. I am a working mom. And am planning to move to australia for the next 2 years for my masters along with my son and husband. There my husband will be taking care of him during my classes. We speak in Bengali at home now. But in Australia he is going to face another challenge which is language. Is there someone who can show me any light? I am feeling helpless and breaking down inside. I am facing difficulties in accepting the fact that he is not going to have a normal life. Is there any hope for me that my child will catch up at some later age?

Sorry for the long post. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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Poshindevon Tue 28-Nov-17 11:04:42

You do not say in what country you live in at the moment.
Wherever it is you need to take your child back to see a doctor. If your concerned for your child see a doctor you are not wasting their time. You need to see a paediatrician.

Mashrura Tue 28-Nov-17 13:50:32

Thanks for your reply. I am currently living in Bangladesh. I have already consulted 2 paediatric neurologists, one psycholgist and one occupational therapist. I have already shared this in my writing. Thanks anyway.

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Thu 30-Nov-17 16:37:30

Sorry that I can’t be of much help but have yiu had his hearing tested? Have you thought of using some signs with him too?

Kingsclerelass Fri 01-Dec-17 22:47:49

Mashrura, you could be describing my ds, only child, full term, walking at 7 months, stairs at 11 months but said his first word 'key' at 26 months. He didn't say 'mummy' until he was 28 months.
Our doctor tested everything- hearing, sight, responses and couldn't find anything wrong. Just suggested he needed to spend more time with other toddlers.
Now he's 9, has an opinion on everything, good at maths, reading and choir, hopeless at spelling. He seems happy & likes school.
So don't despair. If the doctors can't find anything wrong, try what they suggest, more socialising, play more talking games. Children vary a lot.
Good luck x

EssexMummy123456 Sat 02-Dec-17 14:57:09

have a look at the teachmettalk website

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