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Backpack / reins / harness / wrist strap - HELP!!!!

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GandWJ Wed 18-Apr-07 18:54:38

My DS has finally decided he might have a go at walking (he is 16 months old).
I have a fear that as soon as he masters the art properly he will be off and running so I'm thinking about a harness or wrist strap for him.
Has anyone any thoughts on which I should go for out of the many available? I'm liking the idea of the back packs with strap for me to hold on to - are they any good?

FromGirders Wed 18-Apr-07 18:59:42

I started off with reins for my two - when they are just getting the hang of walking you can catch them when they fall over. Once they're good enough at walking that they don't fall over all the time, they graduate to a back-pack - that way they can carry their own spare nappy / trousers.

chocolateshoes Wed 18-Apr-07 19:03:48

I think I might now give the back packs a try. Ds - 21mths has been using reins for a while now. He wears them happily and it means we can walk alot more now. But maybe he's at the backpack stage now?

FromGirders Wed 18-Apr-07 19:06:43

Oh, meant to say, the trick is that wee one has to wear them every time you go out when they're not in the pushchair. If it's just routine, there's no fighting, or hanging from them.

squeakybub Wed 18-Apr-07 19:14:38

Message withdrawn

PanicPants Wed 18-Apr-07 19:17:12

We have the best thing ever. It's called a harness buddy. It's actually a cuddly monkey back pack type thing and it straps on ds' back, and we hold the tail.

Have had loads of positive comments about it. People all go "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh - how cute!"

You can get a puppy and a bear as well.

PeachyChocolateEClair Wed 18-Apr-07 19:17:13

DS3 still has reins (Wilkinson 1/3 price mothercare / boots but just as good), he doesn't hang from them or anything but the others did. The backpacks are excellent- too much leeway for ds3 (he does havde SN) but my NT nephew loves his.

BandofMothers Wed 18-Apr-07 19:19:20

DD1 has reins, as she is so clumsy she falls over fresh air. I find them invaluable. I also worry that if they fall in a wrist strap that it would break their wrist.

3littlefrogs Wed 18-Apr-07 19:23:16

Reins are much safer than wrist straps. You are right BandofMothers - broken wrists and dislocated elbows.

Tinker Wed 18-Apr-07 19:25:56

Reins are a godsend. My partner used a wrist strap on the then 20-month old and it gave her a bright red mark around her wrist

GandWJ Wed 18-Apr-07 19:28:56

So maybe reins first then move to a backpack?
Panicpants, have just found the monkey and I think that is the one!! Oh it is fab, how will he not want to weat that one, it is sooo cute.

GandWJ Wed 18-Apr-07 19:31:40

Is this the one you mean?

PanicPants Wed 18-Apr-07 19:35:27

Yep thats the one. Although we got it cheaper than Amazon. From ebay, they import them from America.

chocolateshoes Wed 18-Apr-07 19:38:42

I can't seem to get a price from that link. Also does the monkey double up as a bag? I think DS would love it!

GandWJ Wed 18-Apr-07 19:49:43

here is the price.
They come in cow, horse and unicorn too!
Am just buying one now (not that I'm impulsive you understand).

gemmiegoatlegs Wed 18-Apr-07 19:53:06

another vote for reins, as the dcs can only go "forwards" in them IYKWIM. With wrist straps they can go to the side and trip people up left right and centre in a busy place!

MrsFish Wed 18-Apr-07 21:05:07

Reins - Ds refuses to wear them and when I do get them on him he just sits down and refuses to move.

Wrist strap - He will wear it, but he complains loudly and keeps trying to pull it off, would need to tighten it too much for it to stay on and then it makes his wrist sore, also not entirely comfortable about him wearing it, ie if he falls hurting himself more.

Back pack - won't wear it, tried it.

Pushchair is still my only viable option when out and about. Luckily he seems quite happy in it.

Oh and he is now 22 months, but only started walking at 16 months.

Good Luck.

PanicPants Thu 19-Apr-07 19:26:06

Gandwj - at impulsive purchasing. But it's well worth it. Definitly one of our better baby buys.

It does have a little pocket on the back but you couldn't really get anything in it. Sometimes we roll the tail up and stuff it in there so it doesn't drag along the floor if ds is allowed to wander.

ClaireL90 Thu 05-Oct-17 20:35:25

Can these be worn ‘in transit? As in wear it in the car in preparation.

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