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I don't feel like my baby loves me :'(

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LJ17xx Thu 23-Nov-17 15:26:40

My son is 6 months tomorrow and I’ve felt like this most of his life.
He prefers other people. Is much happier with them and it doesn’t help when my mum says oh he just prefers his nanny sad

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Bella8 Thu 23-Nov-17 23:20:32

Aww your feelings are very normal. I felt this way about ds but now he is 9 months old i can see he does love me and he now puts his little arm around my neck and cries for me. It takes them until they're alittle older until they start to show it more. Your baby may still be a little young for attachment anxiety as it doesn't start to deveop normally until a little later . I think they sometimes as well just like the excitement of new people as are used to seeing Mummy all day. Your little one loves you the most and depends on you. Just hang in there as you'll see it much more on the next couple months to come.

Bella8 Thu 23-Nov-17 23:20:39


LJ17xx Fri 24-Nov-17 06:47:25

Thanks so much, that’s really lovely :’)

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Rebeccaslicker Thu 30-Nov-17 14:03:10

That's because you've done such an amazing job that he takes it for granted - he doesn't realise you and he aren't the same person! Basically you're his whole world and it won't be much longer before he can show you that. Honestly smile

LJ17xx Fri 16-Mar-18 20:27:48

I've only just seen this response and thank you, I needed this today!

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Momo18 Fri 30-Mar-18 18:21:31

I'm a bit late to post this but thought I would reply. My DD was like this, suddenly at 9 months she's obsessed with me. She shouts Mama, cones for cuddles and tbh prefers me to everyone and is very loving. Babies are a bit selfish tbh, they don't learn to love, they learn to need. Yours baby will suddenly show his bond for you, I should imagine it will be quite surprising but welcomed as it was for me smile

Oh and this definitely isn't an uncommon thing to think, my DH now worries DD prefers me and doesn't love him bless him. Babies/kids go back and forth I find, I'm on dc3 now and you would have thought I'd learnt by now grin

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