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Head shape for 3 month old?!

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PuddingPie16 Thu 16-Nov-17 09:30:42

My son had his 12 week check yesterday and the HV said the right side of his head was looking flat! I am not sure how...he doesn't particular lie on that side whilst he sleeps and doesn't feed on that side either (bottlefed).
The HV said to face toys the other way when he is lying down but didn't give any other tips! He sleeps through the night and naps twice a day but obviously can't have him not napping at all to avoid pressure on his head. I also can't lie him on his left side whilst he naps can I due to his age?! I am now paranoid it will get worse! Does anyone has have experience of this and how to improve/prevent it?

Thank you.

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aeneidbook4 Sat 18-Nov-17 20:23:33

My LO has this, it's called plagiocephaly and is quite common. His head was very noticeably flatter on one still by 8 months, and at 10 months is much improved. It is caused by lying on one side more (even if you don't notice this) and the paediatrician said it will just correct itself in time. The skull can continue to change shape until the fontanelle closes so there's a long period in which it can right itself.
My DS always slept on one side and I haven't done anything to correct it, but as he got older and has better movement seems to lie in different ways more frequently.
Try not to worry but speak to your GP if you're concerned as they'll hopefully put your mind at rest.

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