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7 year old daughter, food resistance and high functioning autism

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willawonder Tue 14-Nov-17 16:55:53

My 7 year old daughter has never been a fantastic eater but she did until recently eat a good variety of things (though ever huge quantities). In the past couple of months, she has stopped eating most things and basically confines herself to things like plain bread, wraps, plain pasta and would eat sweets / chocolate /crisps galore if they were available.

She has always been slim but is in the 2nd percentile weight-wise. She suffers from high anxiety relating to lots of different things, most recently this morning for a routine ear examination at the GP when she attempted to run out of the surgery several times. I am already seeking support with regulating the anxiety but could anybody please help with recommendations for supporting her with the eating issues - I want to nip these in the bud! And ongoing general support with her high functioning autism outside of school eg. a paediatrician/clinic psychologist with specific expertise in girls on the autism spectrum? I just doing know who to turn to anymore. Services are limited in our borough (in SW London).

Mamabear4180 Tue 14-Nov-17 18:44:58

What about buffet style dinners. We call it 'bitsa' I think the Europeans do too. Put a variety of salads, breadsticks, olives, bread etc on the table and allow her to help herself. Don't comment on what she chooses but eat plenty of the good stuff yourself.

I do a lot of variety with my ASd 3 year old. Her lunchbox is never just a sandwiches, crisps, fruit and yoghurt. They'll be a big variety. Today she had a pot with oranges slices with the skin on the outside and cucumber slices, cake, blueberries, baby puffs, breadsticks etc. She likes to spread everything out and enjoys the whole experience.

Obviously 3 is a lot different to 7 but I show no anxiety around food, I never dictate the order she eats things or say anything about uneaten food. At dinner time she has a sectioned plate to keep wet and dry food separate. Texture is a big deal with ASD too so not mash or sloppy food, I leave her potatoes whole and don't add butter.

Does any of this help? Does she like milk or milkshakes? They can help build her up a bit.

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