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Weight gain

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TJ2503 Tue 14-Nov-17 10:19:36

I would really appreciate some advice here as this is slightly new territory for me.

DS2 (12 months) has CMPA and soya allergy so has been on neocate from 10 weeks alongside breast milk. He was a good weight at birth 8lbs 11oz and around the 75th centile. We had a bit of a rocky 3 months and he ended up in hosp for a week at 6 weeks old with bronchiolitis - he dropped in weight down to 50th centile and has stayed there ever since tracking nicely. Weaned onto solids with a dairy free diet with no issues and has been doing great.

Had him weighed at 9 months and again last week where in those 3 months he has put on 300g only. He has dropped to below the 25th centile. I am naturally quite worried by this because in the last 3 months he has become -
- constantly ill with temperatures, colds which take ages to go etc
- looks like he has lost weight
- sleeping lots (still has 3-4 hours of naps in the day and a good 12 hours overnight)
- is now not taking any formula or oat milk (GP said ok as alternative to neocate which is to 12 months only) so I have concerns over his calcium and protein intake.

We have been referred to a dietician for assistance with weaning him into dairy but the closet appt is in mid February 2018. I spoke with the HV who was not hugely concerned.

I have a GP appt today as he is ill again and I will raise my concerns there.

I guess my question is is this all ok and I am being overly cautious or am I right to be concerned by this.

Apologies for the lengthy post but I wanted to give has much info as possible

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