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16 month old development

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Mamabear4180 Mon 13-Nov-17 23:14:39

I'm concerned. I already have an almost 3 year old DD who has ASD.

Some of 16 month old DD's behaviour is similar to big sis although she's different. DD 16 months has a 'medium risk' score on M-chat.

these are the things which concern me:
1) She had 3 words at 13 months, lost 2 of them by 15 months. learn't another word at 15 months and now has lost that too. She now only has her original first word-cat and no amount of prompting can bring back the previous words-ed for egg, quack, dad.
2) She doesn't babble. She used to a bit but doesn't really anymore
3) She climbs everywhere and doesn't learn from falling, she is careless with herself and has many accidents, hardly cries if she bumps herself. Can't seem to sit still.
4) She only answers to her name 50% of the time, doesn't try to copy words, often ignores my voice.
5) She doesn't point. She used to but has never pointed for something she wants only at pictures/books or people.
6) She stares at lights, keeps looking up at lights on the ceiling. Will fall over because she's walking and staring at the lights
7) She doesn't whinge or attempt to communicate, if she's upset she just screams/cries as if the world is ending. There's no warm up.
8) She doesn't seek my approval or seem to care if I'm watching her or not, will go to anyone (although would prefer me if she saw me)

On the other hand she seems affectionate and reasonably social. Her eye contact is ok. She giggles when other children lean on her or make funny noises and enjoys games like peek-a-boo and she can wave and clap etc.

I have the HV coming back in January when she turns 18 months to check on her communication and possibly refer to SALT but it feels like forever away and I keep wondering! Any thoughts?

MrsOverTheRoad Mon 13-Nov-17 23:26:32

I think OP, as hard as it is, that you have good reason to be concerned.

I would push for the HV to come now.

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