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3 year old biting at nursery!

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cookielove Mon 13-Nov-17 13:31:11

So my 3 year old ds over the last few weeks has bitten 4 children at his nursery, none have been witnessed by the staff and only twice children have been able to name him as the culprit!

Ds is a lovely kid, however he does have language delay and I am sure this is part of the problem! Now my issue is each time apart from the first I have been asked to pick him up from nursery! As it is their policy to remove them from the setting for the rest of the day! For me this is becoming stressful as I work and while my boss is lovely and understanding she really needs me at work not at home!

I have asked them what they are planning to do about it shadowing or whatever. What else can I suggest?

Does your childs nursery send children home for biting?

Fyi I work in a nursery and we don't send children home for biting!

cookielove Mon 13-Nov-17 21:08:09


Catalufa Mon 13-Nov-17 22:17:57

I don’t think it’s usual (or reasonable) to send a child home for biting. Surely it might encourage a child to bite if they know it means they’ll see Mummy when they do?

Also, if the staff didn’t witness it and he wasn’t named as the culprit in some of the cases, how do they know it was him?

Mamabear4180 Tue 14-Nov-17 18:51:54

They need better strategies that that, blimey!

He's probably frustrated with the other kids. Language is essential really for good social relationships, he's probably struggling with the whole concept of nursery, especially if it's new, he's also at an age where he will either want to play with others or they'll annoy the hell out of him so he's just reacting to stress.

Any other issues OP? Is he going to speech therapy?

cookielove Tue 14-Nov-17 20:06:18

So we had a meeting with the head teacher and Senco today! It went quite well, they agree he isn't doing it to hurt children as it is always over a toy that he wants (can't share) so unless he really hurts someone they aren't gonna to call me to collect which is step in the right direction. We talked about his speech therapy and we are gonna push that forward.

And they are gonna log incidents and look for a pattern, which i have already noticed and pointed out 😀

I hope we see some improvement and he doesn't get labelled the "naughty" one!

Mamabear4180 Wed 15-Nov-17 14:27:16

Sounds positive Cookielove it may be a bit of a process but hopefully things will get better. I'm sure they don't think anything, he's still little and many children go through a biting stage.

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