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Worried about my 2 year old/Autism

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Leasa21 Mon 13-Nov-17 12:00:09

My son was 2 in august. At the moment he says very little and we are waiting for a speech and language appointment he has next month to assess him and wether he needs any help.
The past couple of months I've noticed how he flaps his arms a lot and it gets commented on quite a bit from family members, also he has a weird habit of putting mega blocks on each of his fingers and also have an obsession with putting them on my fingers as well and will get really upset if I don't co operate. I know this doesn't scream autism but I'm just kind of hoping this might be normal behaviour in a toddler or wether it's something that needs to be investigated.? He is quite sociable in that he'll play around other children especially older ones he likes to run around and play with.

Imaginosity Mon 13-Nov-17 21:58:32

Hi, maybe have a look at this

JayDot500 Mon 13-Nov-17 22:33:32

Just didn't want to read and run. Autism is something I've wondered about.

My son is 21 months. He's 'normal' developmentally but does flap his hands a lot. Also walks on tip toes a lot. No obsessions that I've observed, but loves to play with others, very interactive and learns quickly. Professional brat too. The flapping and tip toes do concern me but the m-chat score diluted those concerns.

I also have a nephew who is 22 months and he can only say a few words. But doesn't flap or walk on tip toes. No obsessions, plays around nicely, very interactive.

They are younger than your son, but I would reiterate that children come in all shapes and the best thing to do is continue observing him and share any concerns with a doctor.

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