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3 month old formula fed eating less

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Tiff13 Mon 13-Nov-17 00:59:07

My boy was on 6oz used to drink 4-5 and half but now he will have 1 5oz and the rest is 2-3oz whats going on he has no health problems he has got acid reflux but that's gotten better and it doesn't matter if he has gaviscon he will still eat the same he's not loosing weight and still peeing and pooing normal when he doesn't want a bottle he will nom on his hands blow bubbles chew his tounge (looks like that lol) and when I eat he will moan at me and get fussy I have to eat when he's sleeping or walk around with him, he follows my food around, surly he can't want food yet he's too young he was crying with teething about 3 weeks ago but that's not bothering him now

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Mon 13-Nov-17 20:11:01

You’re right, he’s definitely not ready for introducing solids yet. Have a read of this on the NHS website as it lists the signs of readiness. The MN Weaning advice is good too 🙂

If he’s taking less milk, is he tracking the same weight centile?

If he’s drinking less, does he seem in discomfort when he’s has some of the bottle? Does he have any symptoms like mucus in his poo?

Which milk is he on too? Have you tried a comfort milk?

Tiff13 Mon 13-Nov-17 21:42:30

He is on cow and gate comfort only one what he takes and likes his poo is normal amd so is pee amd no discomfort either and he's not loosing weight feels like he's putting it on as usual

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DinoMania Wed 15-Nov-17 08:17:42

Hey there, had this exact thing when DS was 4 months. Really worried me and he even dipped a bit on his weight chart.
I was given numerous reasons why it could be from the HVs:
- teething
- before he was drinking more because he was having a growth spurt now that's slowed down
- he's digestive system is developing
- he's a bit run down but not with anything noticeable or worrying
- he's more interested in everything else but feeding as he's gone through a mental development.

Basically HV said as long as my DS didn't drop down to next centile line on his growth chart then not to worry. Sometimes babies just do this and should pick back up again.

DS is now drinking what I would consider a normal amount and his weights gone back to his usual curve.

Hope my experience helps reassure you.

Humv Wed 15-Nov-17 09:36:39

I had the same thing with my DS, now 6 months. For a couple of weeks he’s just not been interested in milk, going from 6oz feeds to 4oz at a push. As PP said, it usually isn’t anything to worry about and should balance itself out. There’s a lot of colds and things going round now so he could have picked up a little something and is recovering.

Maybe get him weighed every couple of weeks to reassure yourself that everything is okay? It seems very normal though so I wouldn’t worry.

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