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How often does baby get measured?

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DinoMania Sat 11-Nov-17 10:04:17


I've had my 8 week check up but now DS is 4 months and hasn't been measured in length or head circumference since? Is this something I need to go somewhere specific to do or do they not bother with them anymore?

I've been going to baby clinic but it's self weigh now and HV are only there for a chat.


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buckyou Sat 11-Nov-17 13:23:35

Mine have been measured at 6 weeks, 8 months and 27 months. They do measure them at baby clinic here if you ask.

Or you could try it yourself and have a look on the chart where he is to put your mind at rest.

tappitytaptap Sat 11-Nov-17 14:50:36

My DS has to attend development clinic once every 6 months or so and they measure there as standard but in the normal HV appts I don't think anyone has measured since 6 wk check! Weight seems to be done a lot more than length and head circumference. Now he's 19 months and I occasionally weigh him at home, more out of curiosity than anything else.

Youvegotafriendinme Sun 12-Nov-17 13:04:54

DS is 1 next week but had head and length measurements taken at birth and 8 weeks. When I asked for his length to be measured around 8/9 months old they said they don’t do it again till the 9mo-1year check up unless they feel a cause for concern. I think it all depends on where you are as my friend lives in a different borough and has had her DS head and length measurements taken regularly throughout his first year

Silversun83 Tue 14-Nov-17 11:51:57

DD (17 months) was only measured at her 10-month check (not even at birth!). I did once ask and they said that evidence shows that it's not really an indicator for health. And also it's quite unreliable especially when they're so wriggly etc.

DinoMania Wed 15-Nov-17 08:12:07

Thank you for your responses. If they aren't worried about measuring anymore I guess that means I don't need to worry about how small his head is compared to babies his same age (did a measure at home and it came back in the 3%, 50% for everything else). Phew! 😊

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