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Making up bottles in advance

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dede124 Fri 10-Nov-17 15:30:50

Sorry if this is the wrong section to post...

Does anyone still make up bottles for feeds in advance with powder formula and keep them in the fridge? I know the latest advice is that you shouldn't do it but people have done it for years with no problems. I told my sister the other day that it isn't allowed anymore and she said she did it with both of her two children and would do it again if she had another. It seems like it's changing all the time!

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Afternooncatnap Fri 10-Nov-17 17:48:18

I put the boiled water in the sterilised bottles. Just leave them on the side then just add powder when it's needed. If need be you could then warm the milk before giving to baby. You can keep the sterile water for 24 hours.

I did have the same thought with making in advance, especially for night feeds; but then decided it's not worth the risk and I would feel guilty if ds got ill.

hiimnew Fri 10-Nov-17 18:14:49

I did this once DS was a little older (after 4 months) and it was much easier. At the beginning I followed advice and made fresh feed each time. I think I will do it sooner next time.

buckyou Fri 10-Nov-17 21:31:46

If you are worried, get a perfect prep machine! They are very easy and quick and only cost about 50 quid now.

Otherwise, it's more about the powder not being sterile than the water. So it's important that the water you put in the bottle is hot. So IMO either make up bottles with boiling water and store in fridge, then reheat as needed OR make them fresh but with small amount of boiling water and the rest boiled, then cooled water, so it's nearer the right temp to feed.

That's my understanding of it anyway.

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