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Son has a stammer, worried sick....please help

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emma2939 Thu 09-Nov-17 09:34:52

Hi all

I have just joined today to get some advice, i dont know where to son turned 4 in september.
in january i noticed my son trip on his words a little bit, not much, but enough for me to have a quick glance online and see that it may go away if ignored, and it only lasted a few weeks then disappeared.
in June, however, i noticed it came back, but much, much worse. I immediately spoke to local SALT and got him referred and we started speech therapy 3 weeks ago, We at the moment have been doing PCI therapy, doing special times, both myself and dad, giving him undivided attention, letting him finish his sentences etc, he is currently in the nursery bit of school 5 mornings a week, and they too are concerned about his talking. The stammer seems to have good and bad days, but since starting school, more bad days, his SALT said any change in routine/life can temporarily make it worse.
Last week i noticed he had improved slightly, but over the weekend it yet again went really bad, stamping his feet to get his words out, and i heard him stammer on a sentence then he said 'let me try again' i have NEVER asked him to try a sentence again, so after asking gently, he said school had told him to try again, he also acknowledged that his voice was stuck to his teacher who told him not to worry as it will 'come back soon' i spoke to SALT and she is going into school next week to discuss his therapy and what strategies we are doing to work together.
Has anyone had a LO with a severe stammer and recovered? we always say love you to each other and this morning, when i said it he said 'i dont know' before smiling and waving at me, he cant even say that sad i burst into tears the min he left.
Im due my second baby in 3 weeks and my hormones are all over the place but im feeling like im not going to cope, i pray everynight that this stammer will disappear, feeling overwhelmed and like i am failing my little boy. anyone been in this situation? xx

Donhill Thu 09-Nov-17 13:20:36

So sorry you are going through this. My son had a stutter when he was a bit younger than yours, but it went away. It sounds like you are doing all the right stuff and so hopefully you will start to see improvements. Have you looked into whether there are any support groups or Facebook groups for people with stutters?

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