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Bought a sling when pregnant, baby is now over 5 months but still haven’t used it

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Southlondonmum76 Mon 06-Nov-17 22:25:26

I suppose I’m asking is a sling just for the first few months? Is that when it’s most practical/comfortable?

I would like to give it a go and hope to do so.

Have others found it comfortable using a sling with their LO’s 6+ months

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Foggymist Tue 07-Nov-17 12:14:54

Depends on the sling really, some are suitable up to 2+ years others are better suited to small light newborns. What type do you have?

Southlondonmum76 Tue 07-Nov-17 16:36:29

It’s a Baby Bjorn carrier (original). Sorry I should have said carrier in the title.

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Foggymist Tue 07-Nov-17 17:24:09

Ok, they're not great as they're not ergonomic so aren't comfortable for baby as they have poor hip position and they can pull on your shoulders. You can make them more ergonomic using a scarf, have seen a hack for it online. Possibly not a carrier that will be suitable as baby gets bigger.

Southlondonmum76 Tue 07-Nov-17 22:19:44

Thanks Foggy, you’ve been very helpful.
This evening whilst I was out I saw a Mum with her little one in a similar carrier. Her little one looked around 6 months old. Tbh I didn’t like the look of it and I wasn’t keen on how the baby was positioned. I’ve decided it’s not for me.
I’ll continue with the pram and looking to buy forward facing buggy soon.

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Foggymist Wed 08-Nov-17 08:54:02

Would you consider buying a different one? I used a Kari Me wrap until 4 months then used a Moby Aria until he was nearly 2. Getting a ring sling for dc2 and then will go back to the Aria again. There are so many different types it'd be a shame to write them all off based on one bad one smile

Southlondonmum76 Thu 09-Nov-17 06:31:59

Thanks Foggy, I will look into the Moby Aria. I would love to use a sling even for a few months. I really think my little one would enjoy the experience. Plus it would be so handy when just popping out for a walk.

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Schwanengesang Thu 09-Nov-17 06:54:52

I use an ergobaby original with DS, who is 1 but the size of a 2 yo. He is a bit big for it but it is still comfortable and safe. You can probably get one secondhand pretty easily... We only started using it at about 7-8 months as his legs didn't do the froggy position until then. He took to it pretty easily (a few short walks, then was fine)

Foggymist Thu 09-Nov-17 09:12:18

Moby Aria is discontinued, but there are probably hundreds of options out there. Where I am we have sling libraries/sling meets where you can try different ones before you buy one, this is the best plan if you can find one near you.

Southlondonmum76 Fri 10-Nov-17 21:48:35

I’ve been looking into different slings and carriers, and have found local sling drop-in advice workshop held weekly and they do private 1:1. So I’ve booked an appointment for a 1:1 consultation.
Yes, , it’s best to try on a few and see which is comfortable for the LO and me and take it from there.

Thanks again Foggy and Schwanengesang for your helpful advice smile

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