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Worrying Behaviour

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Kerrylovelee Mon 06-Nov-17 21:47:21

I would mostly like anyone’s advice on completing my child’s “Health Review Questionnaire”!
My dilemma is... for the past 4 yrs, my sons behaviour has got progressively worse and quite intimidating at times. Most of the time hecis an amazingly intelligent and kind hearted wee soul. But when he has these (no warning) outbursts he’s a different child. So aggressive and full of hatred and disrespect towards me more than my husband (he’s with me more).
And when he gets into that zone I am helpless to find ways to try and control the situation or distract him into a different head space... I just have to ride it out until he’s calm. We have tried so many different ways to calm him, but it’s very much him “needing control”.
Anyhoo... this form I need to complete asks about concerns re this, ie behaviour concerns and/or emotional problems and if we’d like an opportunity to discuss them with a health professional!
My instinct was to put yes, in the hope that we could find a solution to manage or stop this from happening. My main concern is my son, but now I worry (as he’s getting bigger/stronger) that one day he’ll really hurt me and then regret it.
To be afraid of what your own flesh and blood could do to you is the most embarrassing and disappointing feeling, as well as failing as a parent! But I’m scared to have such personal info held on file and can’t help thinking that being honest and asking for help, could backfire and be turned into something I didn’t want 😤 What to do????????

BackforGood Mon 06-Nov-17 23:27:52

What is the Health Review Questionnaire for?
Who has asked you to fill it in ?
Where are you returning it to ?

How old is your ds?
What do his school say about his behaviour ?

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