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4 Month sleep regression stories

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Bellriver Sat 04-Nov-17 11:45:50

I think my daughter has just passed through this phase - fingers crossed - but just wondering if anyone is going through it right now? When did it start/stop and any thing that worked for you and how to get through it?

For some context my daughter was always a good night time sleeper, starting sleeping through from about 6 weeks or so. Then at about three and a half months started waking every hour from about midnight right through until we finally gave in and got up with her about 5. She’s now four and a half months and for the last two nights has been put to bed at 7 and went through the first night until 5 and this morning didn’t wake until 6! We still dream feed so she’s not going the full time without a feed. Someone suggested to me to put her to bed earlier - before this she wouldn’t get sleepy until about 8/8.30 but I changed her bedtime to 7 and it seems to have made a big difference.

So our regression lasted about 4 weeks - there were injections in between so that didn’t help but any one else going through it and any tips for survival in case the last two nights were a fluke!

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Sipperskipper Sat 04-Nov-17 15:59:10

Dd slept through the night from 8 weeks old. Has dreamfeed at 10pm, awake at 7 am. Settles well with swaddle, dummy and white noise. Since the middle of sept when she was about 4 months, she started waking up to every hour. All she needed was her dummy reinserted and would go back off, but still, it was tough! Some nights it might just be once or twice. Transitioned her to a sleeping bag this week and bought a sleepytot to attach dummies to - seems to have really helped as she can find a dummy herself most of the time. We’ve only had it for 2 nights though so will wait and see!

Bellriver Sat 04-Nov-17 18:27:04

That was one of her big issues as well - losing the dummy and cracking up when she couldn’t find it. I’ll have to try one of those sleepytots to attach to it. We have her in a sleeping bag as well now and she seems to have transitioned well from swaddling to the bag but it does mean she can take the dummy out and of course forget how to put it back in! Fingers crossed they are both through the worst of it for now!

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