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Bed time pain - help!!

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bedtimepain Wed 01-Nov-17 20:17:53

So we've got ourselves in a pickle . I had a perfectly sleeping toddler in a cot. I put him down awake and left the room and he'd fall asleep. When he could climb out of his sleep bag we decided at 2 and 8 months to get him a bed. It's a toddler bed with sides and a new duvet , pillow etc.

We just can't get him to bed at all. It's been 6 weeks of it now. One of us has to lie on the floor in silence getting him to sleep. He's a very busy busy boy - we have strapped/drilled all the furniture to the walls. I have a video camera and if I leave him with a light on he just trashes his room (in a 'fun' way not an aggressive way).

If I leave the room with light off he sobs that he's scared of the dark and I don't want him to get scared.

What do we do now ? I can't find a really dim night light, all the reviews say they are too bright.

We have a nice bath, cuddles, story bed routine . It's killing our evenings until 9.30pm sometimes and he basically isn't coping with the freedom.

He's a monkey and gets up to total mischief . I am firm and we have good eating habits and other habits but it's all fallen apart over sleep. Help!!!

bedtimepain Fri 03-Nov-17 00:46:03

Anyone? Bump!

Gorgeous73 Fri 03-Nov-17 01:04:24

I would incest in a good night light, I'm sure there is one out there that's good enough + (and you might have already tried this) start a new bedtime routine, something that's different from what he's used to. Maybe read him a story sitting on his bed. And explain to him that once the story is over, he's expected to stay in bed. He'll keep coming to you of course, just keep sending/taking him back with all the love and patience of an exhausted mum lol I've kind of been there with one of my children, I used to have to sing for more than an hour (shocking I know but I blame inexperience). If he cries, go to him for a minute, tell him you're there and all is fine and leave the room again. It will take some time, but it worked for us and I hope it works for you too. Also, you might want to introduce a safety blanket or something similar (I didn't but a few of my friends have said it helps).

Gorgeous73 Fri 03-Nov-17 01:05:11

OMG *INVEST!!! INVEST in a good night light blush

purpleme12 Fri 03-Nov-17 08:01:25

Yes night light first of all. Ours is from IKEA nothing special although it's in the shape of a star. It does the trick

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