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23 month losing words

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billyjean85 Wed 01-Nov-17 16:19:58

Hi all,

I'm really worried now about DD's development.
She was late on almost all milestones but still in the "normal" range ( like walking at 18 mo)

Her speech is following the same pattern. At 21 mo she could say about 50 single words, animal sounds, would babble all day long and sing parts of her nursery rhymes.

I thought she was about to have her "word explosion" and I was eagerly waiting for her to start combining them.
Now at 23.5 months she added maybe 10 words to her vocabulary and she still doesn't make two word phrases. She will say "what's that" or "no I don't want" but they don't count as real word combination (mama gone, ball blue)

More worrisome, she seems to be losing some words.
- she used to say "thanks" a lot now she doesn't say it on her own and refuses to say it when prompted. Same goes for "bye bye" or "morning"
I thought it was just stubbornness but in the last few days, she lost vocabulary to request food:
- she learned to say "pain" ( French word for bread) and "yaourt" (yogourt). These are her 2 favorite things. She would ask them all day long. Then she learned "pate" (pasta).

All of a sudden she won't say "pain" or "yaourt" anymore. She will say "pâte" (pasta) instead to request anything while pointing to the actual thing.
No matter how hard I try to correct her, she won't reapeat the correct word.

Am I over reacting? She's close to the 2 years mark and is really not advanced in her speech. She has 60 words top, will use about 10 on a daily basis, can't count or name colors. She has a very selective receptive speech.

She stumbles a lot, doesn't fall but walks like a drunk.

She keeps touching her own ears or mine any chance she gets. She also likes patting things (caressing her clothes, a pillow, anything smooth or wooly)

I'm really scared.

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cedoren Wed 01-Nov-17 16:30:27

What are you scared of? She sounds ok to me. I have a 24 month old who says less than that, and lots of toddlers are still very wobbly at this age.

billyjean85 Wed 01-Nov-17 19:18:52

@cedoren: I know toddlers develop at different paces. And I know the wobbling could be normal but from what I read, losing a skill is more concerning then learning it later than usual.
My real concern right now is the fact that she's moving backward in her vocabulary.
She's not using words she knew perfectly and could pronounce like an adult. Now she uses one word for everything or points and say "that" like she did before learning their names.
This is a regression right ? I'm really freaking out

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cedoren Wed 01-Nov-17 20:48:40

Well, they do go through fits and starts with language and vocabulary. Learning to talk takes a while. You need to be careful that you don't over analyse her every move. She is joining words and has a good number of words, that's fine. She's not even 2!

Hairq Thu 02-Nov-17 06:00:52

How is she with things like eye contact and interaction with others? The speech regression is concerning but I wouldn't panic just yet if it's not combined with social difficulties. It may just be a phase - see how her speech is in a month or two.

billyjean85 Thu 02-Nov-17 13:10:19

She's fine with eye contact and social interactions

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Imaginosity Thu 02-Nov-17 14:12:35

She sounds fine to me but obviously keep an eye on it. I have an 8 yr old with autism so I wouldn't be quick to dismiss concerns like this but your daughter sounds like she is doing well. If you are worried about autism have a look at this

My 8 year old who has autism had a small amount of words at age 2 but his vocabulary exploded after that. He now has very advanced use of words for his age.

Maybe your daughter is picking up on your anxiety about using certain words. Children this age often often like to be uncooperative.

Catalufa Thu 02-Nov-17 16:10:55

I don’t think that stopping saying some words and moving onto others counts as losing a skill. She’s just exploring new sounds which is really normal. Losing a skill (in the context of language development) would mean that, for example, she was using 60 words in total at age 21 months, and only 40 at age 24 months. Would you say that the total number of words in her vocabulary is generally expanding, even if she’s choosing to focus on different ones?

My DS2 hardly said any words by age 2. Now he’s 8yo and developing normally.

buckyou Thu 02-Nov-17 17:38:46

I think you are freaking out too much! My LG probably didn't have 50 words at that age. She is 28 months now and I'd say has hundreds of words and can make some good little sentences. She only started to make 2 word sentences around 26 months.

I don't know why people freak out about this. Most babies I know don't say much at 2.

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