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First birthday been and gone, how did you approach food/drink for your one year old?

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AnonEvent Tue 31-Oct-17 22:58:12

DD is a year old, she has teeth, she is weaned (eats three meals a day, usually quite well), but she still has three 210ml bottles of formula a day, morning, mid-afternoon and night.

She doesn’t like to drink from (any) sippy cup, she’ll drink a little from an open-top cup. She always finishes all three bottles. She is not convinced by water in a bottle.

How much pressure should we put on ourselves to get her onto cow’s milk?

What does/did your one year old DC eat/drink in an average day?

MrsOverTheRoad Wed 01-Nov-17 00:03:04

I just stopped offering any formula. My DD's both accepted cow's milk though...I don't think, if she's eating three meals a day, that formula three times is a good idea but it depends how much of her meal she actually eats I suppose.

I didn't put any pressure on myself...I just stopped formula!

tappitytaptap Wed 01-Nov-17 08:50:17

I swopped to cow's milk in a bottle first. Could always mix formula and cow's milk to get her used to the taste if she rejects cows milk at first?
My 19 month old has only been on morning and night milk since 10 months but we had to swop his remaining bottles for snacks, he didn't drop any himself. Could you do that?

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