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Real concern

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KimmiTaylor Tue 31-Oct-17 21:39:22

I can’t give too much detail but I’ve been told today that a mother left her children (under age of 10) with a builder, who was working on the roof of the building, for half a day while she went out, am I being over sensitive regarding this? Please advise?

starpatch Thu 02-Nov-17 20:02:43

Ermm it's difficult isnt it. I wouldn't necessarily feel I had to call social services tbh based on this one incident. Would depend on how responsible children were. Were they at risk from cooker etc. Were they bored/stressed? Did they know builder at all? Would they be likely to call him if needed? Did they have food? Has it happened before. I have similar dilemma on my estate when parents let young children play out in the 'care' of older siblings. Good luck in deciding what to do.

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