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At wits end with my 5 year old.

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ruiningmyhealth Tue 31-Oct-17 19:28:44

I really need some help please as I'm losing the plot with my 5.5 year old. Got months now he doesn't stop whinging, moaning and complaining.

Ive just dragged him back from trick or treating early as he whinged and complained the entire way round. He rudely rebuffed any efforts to be included, made unreasonable demands (e.g. Kindly offered a torch to use but demanded identical torch his friend was using), complain he was being g left out but then refused to join in when asked. This type of behaviour happens all the time and it's really draining me insane.

He has what feels like a constant strop on and I don't know why. When I ask him he can't tell me either so I'm at a total loss.

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