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Help-unsettled all the time

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Tink1987 Sat 28-Oct-17 11:18:08

Hi everyone my ds is 4 weeks old and since around 2 weeks has been constantly unsettled day and night. He grins and strains a lot (at night time is unbelievably loud)
I’ve been giving him dentinox colic drops and recently had him to the doctors for silent reflux which he’s got infant gaviscon for. (Sometimes he spits up a little and sometimes he doesn’t) I’m just a little worried it could be something more. Like a sensitivity to the formula he is on. Has anyone had an experience with this and what did it end up being? What age did they become less fussy and unsettled?
Thankyou in advance

Mumagain2017 Sun 29-Oct-17 12:22:50


My baby is the same. I think allot of it is their development. She is better now at 11 weeks.
I moved her onto aptimel comfort which also seemed to help alongside gripe water and dentinox

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