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Very large baby - sitting and weaning questions!

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KayO2 Sat 28-Oct-17 09:43:47

Hi all,
First time posting, just wondering if anyone can answer my questions about my extra large baby!
He's 3 months old, and 22lbs. He's a big'un! He's a very happy baby which is great and I'm not worried about him, but I'm wondering two things:
1. Should I wear him earlier? He's the size of a one year old - is it cruel not to? Would he be better with food earlier? Say 4 or 5 months?
2. He insists on sitting himself up - all the time. He does it in a sit up style, from reclined or almost flat. But he's always doing it, so I try to keep my hand round his chin so his neck can be supported if it flopped (it doesn't but it's a little shaky sometimes). Given his size I think he's working hard to hold/move his weight, but can he do himself any damage?
Thanks x

GandTforme Sun 29-Oct-17 09:34:18

It doesn't necessarily follow that a bigger baby needs to be weaned early. You say he's happy and content - so no need to think about solids soon unless that changes.

Witchend Sun 29-Oct-17 10:12:38

Normally I wouldn't worry about weight, but that really is very heavy. To put it in context my dc1 was heavy (and tall too)-at a time they celebrated how big they were and she wasn't that weight until over 10 months.
I would guess he's tall as well (if they've heavy they tend to be tall at this stage, they grow early, like my dc1 did, so it's not necessarily indicative of being tall in the end), but is he likely to be tall in the end? ie are you/your dh noticeably tall? What was his birth weight?

I would get him just checked out to find if there's anything going on there just in case.

But going back to your questions:
1. Definitely not. He's clearly growing fine on what you're giving. It's not to do with the size, it's to do with the digestive system being ready, and that won't mature quicker because he's big. It's also a pain in the neck until they're big enough to do it themselves, so save yourself and hold back. smile
2. That's quite impressive for a 3 month old. I don't see any reason to stop him. Is he sitting with a straight back and feet out in front? Encourage it, as they're much easier when they can sit and play. I had a V-pillow that was really good to put behind when they first sit, or you can get what we called a "doughnut" which is an inflatable ring (covered in cloth) that they can sit in, that way if they flop then they're protected all round. Dc2 only saw it as a method of escaping and would just flip herself out, but with the other two it was really good.


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