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10 week old crying habits.

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Kittysparks1 Fri 27-Oct-17 07:41:08

First time mum. Just want general opinions of those who have had babies.

My baby is 10 weeks old and I am incredibly lucky as the lad barely cries. He has very bad wind so gets very uncomfortable and he strains and grunts pretty much 24/7. But he rarely cries.

So, when my babes is hungry I pick up on his 'cues' and feed him.

Everyone I know with babies has told me I need to let him get hungry and cry then feed him. Which if left he would eventually do. But this doesn't sit right with me. Also I can't bare his crying it hurts my heart. One person even said I was going to end up with spoilt demanding child because I'm there in a shot as soon as he stirs/makes any kind of cue. I just keep thinking he's 10 weeks old and I have every intention to carry on pandering to his every want and need, am I setting myself up? What would I achieve from letting him get to the point of crying? Also another thing that comes up is letting him cry is good for his lungs as it opens them up.
What did you guys do with your babies?

Highlove Fri 27-Oct-17 08:49:51

Erm. Why on earth would anyone suggest you wait till your baby is so hungry it's howling before you feed it? Bizarre.

And letting them scream as it's good for your lungs? I think the people giving you advice might be living in the 50s! What nonsense. Dear God.

You sound like you're doing a fab job. Ignore the weirdos.

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