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2yo tantrums/noise sensitive

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ElleyBear13 Thu 26-Oct-17 11:37:53

Hello I'm hoping for some advice/guidance or reassurance it's just normal two year old behaviour! My son is two years three months- I've been concerned with his behaviour since around nine months and it's getting worse! He finds mother and toddler groups/noisy environments overwhelming- we often leave after half an hour - he tantrums/head bangs - which I can't calm down unless I remove him from the noisy place- otherwise he bites and hits other kids and has done since a year old. We've been attempting to settle him in nursery for the past month - he's fine if there's only one or two children there as soon as there's more he becomes so distressed we have to go in to collect him. He prefers being at home lining his cars/laid on the floor brumming his cars back and forth. Developmentally he's doing fine- he's starting to form sentences, he knows all the colours/most body parts, he can spend hours (literally!) with his cars but will come and play other games if I show him how - he likes making pretend cups of tea, painting, baking, playdoh, stacking boxs and going for walks, bug hunts etc. I have noticed he prefers his routine at home and we have quite "bad" days if we do anything different his sleeps still pretty bad but I guess he's still two!- can anyone give me any help or tips? It makes me so sad that we can't meet little friends at soft plays or playgroups as we end up leaving early - we've been referred to the behaviour assessment team by the health visitor and he had his ears checked by the gp (just waxy!) I feel like I'm trying my hardest but we seem to be going in circles ! Thank you xx

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