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help plz , share your experience

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Concernedmommie Thu 26-Oct-17 03:47:24

Hi there mommies,
I am a first time mom and my baby is two weeks over his 12th birthday. In another two weeks he will be 13 months old. I interact and play with a lot, read books to him and have now recently started limiting his screen time(watching TV) to about an hour a day. My concern is that my baby boy does not understand simple instructions yet. I repeat words a lot and I say out loud what ever we are doing. He just seems to be in his own world. He responds to his name though but sometimes if he's really engrossed in something he doesn't look up when called. He is not yet clapping, he bangs together play objects though but is not clapping, he is not pointing yet. He plays ball with me though, when I throw the ball at him he throws it back at me. He is not yet saying any words, he is not calling me or my husband as mama/dada as yet. Sometimes he says mumum, but that's not addressed to me. He just makes that sounds sometimes. I am really worried. Today I saw a 10 month old baby in the library and he understood high five, but my baby just doesn't seem to be getting it. Should I be really worried? Please share your experiences....

bramblina Thu 26-Oct-17 08:34:18

The best person to speak to would be your heslth visitor.
If you are now limiting his screen time- how much did he watch before it was limited? Why does he even watch TV?! At his age he should be exploring and learning through other mediums- not a soulless screen. Switch it off for at least a year and play with your baby.

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