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Fussy eating... do I give in to my toddlers new food aversions?

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newmammyof2 Wed 25-Oct-17 17:54:59

I know I’m not unique with a really good eater going through a (long) fussy stage so I’ll spare the back story lol

But when he now insists he doesn’t like potatoes/beans/broccoli/bananas or whatever favourite food has dropped off the eating list so I persevere and keep putting the foods in front of him or just stick to the minimal foods he WILL eat.

I feel like I want to keep trying but I’m wasting a lot of food and losing a lot of patience!

Do I just wait for this to pass?

LongDivision Wed 25-Oct-17 18:49:28

In DS's case, it passed. I did tend to hide healthy food inside sandwiches, pasta sauce, hummus etc.whenever possible, but tried to never make a big deal about eating. He was fussy from about 2 to 4, and now is a good eater.

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