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7 year old girl & friendships

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crazypiglady Wed 25-Oct-17 17:40:45

I'm sure this has been asked 100s of times but I'm at a eldest, who is just under 7, seems unhappy in her friendships. She comes home most days saying she's fallen out with this and that girl, seemingly over trivial things. She had a best friend who always seemed kind to me when I saw them interact but who I know can be very dominant and overshadow my DD. She often says this friend won't let her play the way she wants and falls out with her often. Today she said all the other girls in the class think this girl is cute and clever and no one ever fusses her. Her teacher says she doesn't think there's a problem beyond what's normal for 7 year olds and that she mixes well with others. She is being horrible to her little sister at the moment (4) and I feel like I'm forever telling her to be kind, be nice etc. I say watch me to see how to talk to her, to make sure I'm modelling kindness. I don't know what else to try, how can I help her at school but also protect her sister at home?

bramblina Thu 26-Oct-17 08:49:01

I think by giving her a little bit extra of your time, mummy girly time, and reinforcing positive relationships like you are at home. Girls can be very cruel, I had a similar problem with my dd who is now 9. She is my only girl, I have 2 boys, so I quite like making that a big deal for her so she finds it quite special. If other girls are being nasty I tell her not to let herself become one of those girls and just to find somebody nice to play with. It's very difficult.

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