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Toys for 7 month old

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Lisamic86 Wed 25-Oct-17 07:13:04

My lo is 7.5 months and I really feel like we need to get her a new batch of toys, she’s now getting so bored with the baby rattles etc. She isn’t crawling yet but can anyone recommend any toys that are good and entertaining?

Rainycity Wed 25-Oct-17 11:39:05

Stacking cups are a real hit in our household, mostly to chew on! Colourful wooden toys - again mostly to chew on. I’d put away some of DS’s toys that he used a lot as a younger baby and just brought them back out again into rotation and he has a renewed interest in them. He also loves textures so I put various blankets/yoga mat on the floor for him to crawl over and feel with his fingers. My local charity shop has been great to pick up cheap items to see what interests him.

Ferguson2 Wed 25-Oct-17 21:10:16

DUPLO - bricks, animals, people, vehicles, Number Train. So many skills can come via DUPLO - colours, shapes,counting, building, patterns etc.

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