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Bum shuffling and possible learning difficulties

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dorothymarlen Tue 24-Oct-17 13:59:06

hello - I saw a thread about bum shuffling in 2007 and wondered if i could revive the conversation. I wonder whether bum shuffling is related to being sat up and not finding the crawling position from the sitting position. I run groups for mums and babies based on the Pikler approach and I have not had a bum shuffler in 8 years ( over 150 babies). The babies are not sat up at 5/6 months but find the sitting position themselves around 7-9 months. Because of this they all crawl. I have also discovered that all mums who have bum shuffled had trouble knowing left from right. I would be very interested to know mums experiences. My feeling is that bum shuffling is not linked to intelligence - rather retained primitive reflexes because the child has for what ever reason not been able to go through the whole natural movement progression. Any feedback, articles you have read on the subject would be so helpful to me and other mums. Thank you.

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